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About Me

  My name is Noah Sanchez. I make music; original, remixes, mashups, covers, etc. I have hosted contests, such as the "A Thousand Suns: Remixed" contest, in order to release "A Thousand Suns: Remixed", the fan-made Linkin Park remix album. So far, I have released three remix albums, the first two being remix/mashup albums, and the third being the various artists remix album, A Thousand Suns: Remixed. I've now released my first original song album, Sentiment. It's mainly instrumental, and features a few artists.

I'm always working on new music, so follow me on all of my various social network sites! Links are in the Links section.

Besides my music, I have also done tutorials, short movies (one so far), art for my music, etc. I may upload random stuff to my YouTube account, such as these, however it only makes my channel more diverse. I hope you will follow me if you like my creations. I greatly appreciate it.


My OS:

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1


Programs I use to create my music/remixes:

FL Studio 10

Adobe Audition CS6


Virtual DJ 7

Programs I use to make videos:

Camtasia Studio 7

Sony Vegas Pro 12


Programs I use to download:

Internet Download Manager                                                       



Internet Browser:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Video games I like to play:

Halo series

Metroid series

Resident Evil series

Mario series

The Legend of Zelda series

I also like many other games, but there are too many to list.


Gaming Consoles I own:

Nintendo Wii U (Miiverse is ptto911)

Nintendo 3DS

XBOX 360 (Gamertag is ptto911)



Other Things:


Playing Soccer


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